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Simply fill in the information below and once we have verified you are in fact real and not a robot you will be free to shop some of the best beers on the market!

AWRS stands for Alcohol Wholesalers Registration Scheme and, because of this, we are now required by law to supply you with an informational pack which can be found here: click here

Most of you won’t need to apply for an AWRS number so if you don’t have one, don’t worry. We are legally required to gather information about you and your expected purchase volumes. Please fill out this information as best you can. If we see any issues, we will get in touch.


*1. Approximately how many cases to you anticipate buying from Beer Hawk on a monthly basis? Please tick.

*2. Do you intend to resell the beer or alcohol to another business (i.e. sales other than directly to consumers)?

*3. Do you intend to export any beers supplied by Beer Hawk (i.e. sell outside the UK)?

4. Please provide your AWRS registration number:

*5. Please provide detail of how and where you intend to sell the beer and alcohol you purchase from Beer Hawk. Please specifically detail names of businesses, outlets, and the countries in which you operate.

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